Sodium Sulphate anhydrous

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MOQ: 200 Kg

Product Details:
Product Name Sodium Sulphate
Appearance Colorless transparent crystal
CAS no. 7757-82-6
Molecular formula Na2SO4
Molecular weight 142.04
Melting point 884℃
Density 2.6


Paint Chemicals for sale

Sodium Sulphate anhydrous for sale

 Paint Chemicals for sale. White powder, salty and slightly bitter, easy to dissolve in water and glycerin; when anhydrous sodium sulfate dissolves, there should be no solid residue, and there is no iron or magnesium salt, and occasionally very small amount of chloride.

Specification: Paint Chemicals for making quality paints (all colours)





99.3 %Min




0.1% Max

Mg, mg/kg

0.1 Max

Cl ,mg/kg

0.12 Max

Fe, mg/kg

0.002 Max



1. The chemical industry is used to manufacture sodium sulfide sodium silicate water glass and other chemical products.

2. The cooking agent used in the paper industry for the manufacture of kraft pulp.

3. The glass industry to replace soda ash as a cosolvent.

4. The textile industry is used to blend vinylon spinning coagulants.

5, For non-ferrous metallurgy, leather and other aspects.

6 Mainly used as a filler for synthetic detergents.


25KG polypropylene weaving bag, paper plastic complex bag and kraft lined with polyethylene plastic bag

Sodium sulphate anhydrous Na2SO4content Min99%


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