Adipic acid

Product Price:  1,350$/Ton

Min Qty: 20 Tons

Product Details:
CAS No.:
Packaging 25 Kg Bag
Form Powder
Product Type Nylon, plastics, dye, leather,rubber,food
Application Adhesives
Classification Organic acid
MF C6H10O4
Color White
Vapor pressure: 5.05*10^(-9)Pa(25)
Purity 99.8% min


Food Chemicals for sale

Adipic acid for sale

Adipic acid is a crystalline powder with practically no odor. It has the lowest acidity of any of the acids commonly used in foods and has excellent buffering capacity in the range of pH 2.5 to 3.0. Like succinic and fumaric acid, adipic acid is practically nonhygroscopic. Its addition to foods imparts a smooth, tart taste. In grape-flavored products, it adds a lingering supplementary flavor and gives an excellent set to food powders containing gelatin. As a result, adipic acid has found a wide number of uses as an accidulant in dry powdered food mixtures, especially in those products having delicate flavors and where addition of tang to the flavor is undesirable.
Product Application

1. Adipic acid is mainly used as a raw material for nylon 66 and engineering plastics. It is also used for the production of various ester products. It is also used as a raw material for polyurethane elastomers and as an acidifier for various foods and beverages. Sometimes better than citric acid and tartaric acid.
2. Adipic acid has a soft and long-lasting sour taste, and the pH value changes less in a larger concentration range, making it a better pH regulator. GB2760-2007 stipulates that the maximum usage amount of this solid beverage is 0.01g/kg; it can also be used for jelly and jelly powder, and the maximum usage amount for jelly is 0.01g/kg; when it is used for jelly powder, it can be pressed Adjust the multiple to increase the usage.

Purity (m/m)
White crystalline powder
Colour (pt-co)
Melthing point,ºC
Water content (m/m)
Nitric acid content,mg/kg
Iron content,mg/kg
Ash content, mg/kg
Test Conclusion:
Packing & Delivery

Food Chemicals for sale

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