Crude Glycerine 80%

Product Price:  650$/Ton

Min Qty: 20 Tons

Product Details:
CAS No.: 56-81-5
Packaging 200 Liters plastic drum
Form Colorless liquid
Classification Alcohol
Application Solvent
EINECS No. Y200-289-5
Other Names Glycerol
Color White
Purity 99.9%


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Crude Glycerine 80% for sale

Glycerin is triglyceride molecule skeleton components. When the human body fat intake, in which the triglyceride metabolism through the body decomposition, the formation of glycerol and stored in fat cells. Therefore, the final product of triglyceride metabolism is the glycerol and fatty acids. Can be used as solvents, lubricants, agents and sweeteners.

Glycerin is a colorless sweet clear viscous liquid. No smell. Warm and sweet. The national standard is called glycerol, can absorb moisture from the air, also can absorb hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide and hydrogen cyanide. Soluble in benzene, chloroform, carbon tetrachloride, carbon disulfide, petroleum ether and oil. Relative density 1.26362. Melting point 17.8. Boiling point 290 C (decomposition). The refractive index of 1.4746. Flash point (open cup) 176 C. Acute toxicity: mg/kg LD50:31500 (rat).



Index Value Result
Appearance Transparent without suspension
Odour No Odour
Hazen ≤ 20 10
Glycerin Content (%) ≥ 99.5 99.66
Specific Gravity(20°C)(g/ml) 1.2598 1.2602
Chloride(%) ≤ 0.001 0.001
Sulfated Ash(%) ≤0.01 0.005
Acidity &Alkalinity (m mol/100g)  0.050 0.030
Saponification Value (m mol/100g) ≤ 0.40 0.35
Arsenic Content(mg/kg) ≤2 1.5
Heavy Metals(mg/kg) ≤5 3
Product Uses


1, Used in the manufacture of nitroHot Selling Crude Glycerine 80%, alkyd resin and epoxy resin.

2, Used for making various preparations, solvent, hygroscopic agent, antifreeze and sweeteners.
3, In the paint industry to produce a variety of alkyd resin, polyester resin, epoxy resin and epoxy resin and so on.
4, Textile and dyeing industry to produce lubricant, hygroscopic agent, anti shrinkage fabric treatment agent, dispersing agent and penetrating agent.
5, In the food industry as a sweet agent, tobacco agents and solvents.
6, In the paper, cosmetics, leather, photography, printing, metal processing, electrical materials, rubber and other industries have a wide range of uses.
7, Used as fuel for automobiles and aircraft, as well as antifreeze in oil fields.

Cosmetic Chemicals for sale

Packaging & Shipping

 It is packed into 200kg/250kg plastic drum.


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