Aluminium Hydroxide

Product Price:  1250$/Ton

Min Qty: 20 Tons

Product Details:
CAS No.: 21645-51-2
Packaging 25 Kg Bag
Form Powder
Product Type flame retardant
Application Agriculture Grade, Industrial Grade
Water Soluble Yes
Color White
Other Names
Aluminium Trihydroxide
Purity 99.6%


Aluminium Hydroxide for sale

Aluminium Hydroxide 99.6%  powder 

What is potassium hydroxide? What is potassium hydroxide used to do?

Potassium hydroxide is an inorganic compound, formula is KOH, is is commonly called caustic potash. KOH has many industrial and niche applications, KOH is as the precursor to most soft and liquid soaps, as well as numerous potassium-containing chemicals.

Chemical name: Aluminium Hydroxide , Aluminium Trihydroxide

Chemical Formula: Al(OH)3

Molecular Weight: 78

CAS NO.: 1344-28-1


Physical Properties:

Powdery substance
Contains thermal characteristic that provides translucency and whiteness to
Solid surface material
Flame retardant



Aluminium Trihydrate is used in various industries as:

A raw material in the production of Aluminium chemicals
A raw material in the manufacture of glass and glazes
A raw material in catalyst production
A flame retardant and smoke suppressant filler in plastics (for example: Cables, rubber products and carpet backing)
A raw material for fertilizers, and fiber cement board products
An extender and bodying agent in paper, solvent- and water-borne paints, UV curable coatings, inks, and adhesives
A polishing and cleansing agent
Mould wash and separating agent
A filler of cast polymer products such as onyx and solid surfaces


Type AL(OH)3


SiO2(%) Fe2O3








Oil absorption(ml/100g)
BT-996 >99.6 <0.03 <0.01 <0.25 <0.3 1-1.5 22-26
Loss on ignition Sieveanalysis(+ 45 lum) Whiteness BET Bulk density Specific conductivity Density
34.5±0.5 <0.01 >98 3.5 400 40 2.4


Packaging & Shipping

Package: Packed in 25kg/PP bag,50kg/pp bags,or bulk bag(1000kgs ro 1100kg net)


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