Chemical Solutions sp&t ltd was established in 1997; with offices in Istanbul, Shanghai, and Miami. Chemicals TR has established itself as a niche distributor of chemicals relying on supply chain management activities to enhance its services to clients and suppliers.

Conventional distributors rely on manufacturers’ product ranges distributing to your company and competitors. Gaining a strategic advantage on chemical sourcing is essential in a competitive environment.
With over 250 clients, from multinationals to the local manufacturers, RSM YEDEK expertise is utilized for specific & precise chemical sourcing.
Today RSM YEDEK supplies in excess of 250,000 MTs of chemicals per year with over 200 products spread over 10 application industries. Every product is specific to a sourcing situation, precisely monitored for quality and consistency.
Production, Packaging, QC/QA services, operated according to ISO 9001:2015 allow us to offer over 3000 stock products for same day shipping.
Further facilities in Germany, Italy and the UK enable Molekula to support requirements for a Worldwide Supply Chain. We retain the flexibility of a smaller niche company, ensuring that primary core values such as customer service and satisfaction are always upheld.
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Chemical Solutions sp&t ltd was one of the first western distributors to open their own separate laboratories for Quality Testing Chinese manufacturers.

The Shanghai office and labs work with over 90 factories and have access to several hundred local factories, in addition to over 15,000 products.
The Shanghai Labs support the quality assurance activities for our European & US offices, utilizing their own labs for Pre-Shipment Sample testing by batch. Over 80 % of all shipments are quality checked prior to shipment.

Our Laboratory is central to our quality control systems.

Tens of thousands of organizations export chemicals from China, and Turkey without pre-shipment sampling, relying on the manufacturers laboratories to produce certificates of analysis.
We are able to conduct most tests within our own resources and have access to GPC / XRF / Atomic Absorption.
Samples are retained for 2 years from every batch that is exported.
Our Chemists audit all factories for raw material feed stocks, quality control systems, batch processes, environmental and laboratory procedures. More importantly, we audit the management.

Chemical Solutions sp&t ltd manufactures high purity fine organic chemicals with a team of qualified chemists in the UK, specializing in Gases in solution, Grignard Reagents, Acid chlorides and specialty monomers.
An experienced compliance team continuously provides support with the handling, re-packing and shipping of hazardous goods.

Chemical Solutions sp&t ltd focuses on production, milling and purification whilst additionally offering custom solutions based upon customer requirements across a wide range of industries.
Flexible production sites with multiple reactors has expanded RSM YEDEK product range whilst simultaneously strengthening possibilities to handle custom manufacturing requests.

Our Supply-Chain systems focus on

 Test methods used by the Chinese Factory and tests methods used by our EU / USA clients.
Test equipment used by factories verses our own laboratories.
Actual results compared to certificate of analysis.
Batch to batch variability.

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Successfully participated the exhibition CIMP2019

On Nov, 2019 we were so glad to be invited for participating in CIMP2019 exhibition, The first exhibition of daily chemical preservatives at Najing city.
We mainly supply various kinds of industrial fungicides, preservatives, anti-mold agents. Including daily chemical sterilization preservatives, cosmetics preservatives, coating preservatives, textile chemical fiber preservatives etc.
All are Safe, environmentally friendly, green — anti-corrosion mildew fungicide products.
During the exhibition, we met so many customers, introduced details of our preservatives, anti-fungal agents and related products. We also met peer-competitor to discuss preservatives, anti fungal agents etc, problems encountered in production and use, learn together and make progress together.
Thank you for the chance to so meet so many friends.

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